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These are two videos that I made when Lena, Masha and I briefly stopped on the far westside of Manhattan, near the Lincoln Tunnel entry into Manhattan, so that we could say hello to Neil Brown, a friend from decades before when we both worked for Home Box Office Inc. in NYCity, while we were enroute to JFK airport for our flight to Italy. Traffic was atrocious, but we nonetheless had a chance to have coffee/water with Neil in a nearby hotel coffee shop for about one-half hour.

Amusing videos because it was raining, there was no room available at the coffee shop on a nearby corner, where Neil normally goes, so we walked back and forth on the sidewalk for a while.

NYC with Neil one here
NYC with Neil two here

Here are most of the pictures for the trip to italy. The pictures in Rome not included yet. The pictures still need some editing/culling, better labeling and so on, but they give a reasonably good view of the trip.

Since the theme of the trip was Etruscan culture, many pictures are of Etruscan locations and artifacts in museums.

Florence Etruscan museum here
Vulci Etruria here
Mediterranean shore at Ostia here
Thermal pool in Lazio here
Hotel restaurant near Malpensa on return here
Hotel near Malpensa on return here
Lugano Switzerland here
Val di Sesia here
Florence here
Siena here
Museo Machiavelli e vigneto here
Siena Museo Etrusco here
Rome here
Rome bus tour here
Chiusi Tuscany Museo Etrusco here